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Jo (Jody)

Star Wars: Clone Wars 'Starry Eyes'

Title: Starry Eyes
Fandom: Star Wars: Clone Wars
Characters: 501st Clones and Ahsoka (subtle Rexoka)
Rating: G
Warning: There is some mild suggestive het in this tale which may offend some readers.
Disclaimer: Not mine, none of it.
Summary: Just what was really going through the clone’s minds when Rex walked into the pipe during ‘Cargo of Doom’.

Everyone of the 501st knew that Captain Rex and Commander Tano shared a unique friendship. It was an unspoken but well-known secret. It boosted morale seeing them as important not just another expendable soldier.

It also made for moments of great amusement, the sort that neither CO would appreciate or know.

The ship they had boarded was dank, yet dark, a precursor to something hasty as Boil would say. All the men knew the routine, even the rookies or rooks as Jek called them understood what had to be done. Weapons at the ready, night vision sights on and it was time to light it up.

In silence, they followed the captain who followed the togruta commander. It did not take them long to realize that something was wrong.

“I don’t think the captain’s go this night goggles on,” Echo warned.

“He doesn’t need it. The stars in his eyes ought to light his way!”

The whispered voice of Fives on the men’s private comm was met with amused chuckles. Even though their captain was not consciously aware of it everyone in the 501st knew that Rex always seemed to get starry eyed when Commander Tano was around. The commander was not much better.

The friendly banter briefly continued as they contemplated whether either CO knew the other was sweet on them. Physically they were men but in experience, years and heart they were still small boys.

A suddenly loud clatter followed by a string of mando’a curses immediately caught the men’s attention. Captain Rex in his distraction had walked straight into a rather large pipe. One did not need Force powers to know he was embarrassed. Rex was mindful to cover it as best he could.

“Switch to night vision.”

The young soldiers struggled not to burst into laughter. It was a lost cause. Fortunately, their comms were set to a private channel so that neither Rex nor Ahsoka could hear them.

“Yes Sir,” Fives said before activating the main comm channel so as to appear like he was switching to his night vision.

If the captain realized that his brothers already had their night goggles on, or that they were having a laugh at his expense it did not show.

“Starry eyes indeed.”

Echo began before a sudden movement caught his visuals. It was Cad Bane. This time, there were no laughter, no teasing remarks. The enemy was in sight and they had a mission to complete.
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